Wellness 4D is our proprietary framework for designing holistic corporate Wellbeing programs. Underlying the framework is a belief that to achieve lasting change in peoples’ lives, all four of the key dimensions of being human—Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual—must be addressed and strengthened simultaneously. Most corporate wellness programs focus only on the obvious Physical dimension, with even fewer addressing both the Physical and Mental dimensions. Our platform goes deeper acknowledging that each dimension of being human is equally important to developing and maintaining new healthy habits.

Conventional thinking in western societies teaches us to think about health and wellness in a piecemeal fashion. We are taught to break our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit in parts and work on each part separately. We are taught that this approach will work and create meaningful change in our lives. It doesn’t. We’ve all experienced this fallacy first hand. We succeed in one dimension only to fall short in another.

Let’s take weight loss as an example. If only we exercise (physical), we will lose weight. How many times have we heard that before? The problem with that is it ignores the mental and emotional dimensions—arguably the more important dimensions when it comes to sustaining a new body weight. To permanently find a new body weight, one must also know the basic principles of nutrition (mental) to make the right food choices for their body while also having the courage to navigate cravings (emotional) to avoid the short-term trappings of bad decisions in the moment. One can exercise all they want, but without the right nutrition and emotional fortitude, sustaining a new body weight is not possible and so many stay stuck in the yo-yo effect.

Business provides another analogue. We know that complex business challenges are solved by a cross-functional team working together, not functions in silos. This is done to ensure that the needs of each key function that comprise the enterprise are represented and can address the challenge from their POV based on their unique needs. Representation and integration is the key. And so it is with the four dimension of being human and achieving Wellbeing.