To advocate that each individual achieve their full Wellbeing potential.


Our philosophy of Wellbeing is based on the truths of human nature. We acknowledge the shortcomings and frailties of being human and at the same time harness its inherent strength and the power. We call it: Human Centered Wellness.

Every individual has a unique set of values, motivations, and desires. We consider them to be an attitudinal fingerprint that underlies a person's perceptions of the world and drives their behaviors. So it goes to reason that in order to change a person's behavior, one must first have an intimate understanding of a person’s attitudinal fingerprint, and second, know how to leverage it. This is what Human Centered Wellness is all about. It is about taking the time to discern a person’s attitudinal fingerprint and the care to put that understanding to work day-in and day-out. It’s working from the inside out. It’s putting the person first and the tasks second. It is being there for someone in a moment of need or in the form of a weekly kick-boxing class for someone to blow-off some steam.

So, how do we come to know a person’s attitudinal fingerprint? We simply develop and nurture a meaningful relationship with them. Building relationships with people is in our DNA; it is second nature to us. It’s at the core of everything we do. It is how we live Human Centered Wellness every day.

It all seems obvious, right? It's not. Most corporate wellness companies miss the obvious truth that human interaction is the most important aspect of the business of wellness. Too often wellness programs are implemented using mainly a fancy technology platform rarely connecting with people face to face, if ever on a regular basis. This approach losses sight that truly caring for people is the key for long-term success.

Due to our unique organizational structure, we have the ability to connect people with people and people to their potential every day. We do this through our network of Wellness Mentors. Our Wellness Mentors engage and interact with people every day, cultivating the kind of relationships that are necessary to create lasting change in peoples’ lives. Achieving Wellbeing is a journey for all parties involved. It is one that we fully commit to when we partner with an organization. There are a lot of one-size fits all corporate wellness programs out there with flashy digital technologies, but that lack the resources and know-how to put the human being at the center of it all. Don't get us wrong. We thrive on implementing the latest ground-breaking behavioral change science and we total dig technology, but it’s our passion for learning a person’s attitudinal fingerprint, and our ability to effectively leverage that into new healthy habits, that makes us unlike any other company wellness firm out there.

We're moving organizations from wellness to Wellbeing and creating powerful results. Join us in the journey.


Although we acknowledge everyone has it, our proprietary technology allows us to do several things critical to our unique process. We are able to activate our Wellness 4D platform in ways that dynamically engage people and keep them motivated. We are able to alert our Wellness Mentors when a person heads off course and begins to disengage from their wellbeing plan. We are able to track key milestones and share success stories across the organization to reinforce positive behaviors. It is our second most powerful tool to help people stay on track to achieve their goals and reach their potential.

In addition to our proprietary technology platform, we leverage existing digital and social platforms to maintain a culture of shared accountability. We can integrate 80+ of the most popular wearable fitness trackers and mobile apps. We have a virtual gym with over 100 HD workouts available on-demand for users to build their own customized workouts for home or for on-the-go that are compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices. We have a comprehensive wellness iCalendar that serves as a unified tracking diary to help users manage their Wellbeing program from anywhere anytime. And there’s plenty more capabilities available.

We leverage technology to stay connected with people and to keep them motivated.


We establish a culture of Wellbeing that leads to a reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism and improves morale and productivity. We have a proven track record of effectively addressing a wide range of organizational health risks and opportunities. We connect people to their potential and by doing so achieve outcomes that save businesses money.

Below is a framework to help understand different options of programming depending on investment level and intended outcomes.

  • The quickest return by investing in the fewest number of people is to focus on individuals with chronic illness avoid new health risks
  • Increase return over time by implementing a Wellbeing program that assists healthy employees in staying healthy AND helps employees with chronic illness avoid new health risks
  • For the most comprehensive returns and results, implement a Wellbeing program that helps healthy employees and those with chronic illness avoid new health risks and decrease existing health risk

We have a suite of solutions for mid to large size businesses on a range of budgets. Call us today for a comprehensive organizational Wellbeing assessment. Start on the journey to a healthier workforce that feels more appreciated and cared for by giving us a call. Wellbeing is a business strategy. We’ll help you make it an effective one.

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